About Us

The foundation of Kloud9Vapes was mainly laid with the purpose of supplying the finest herbal Electronic Vaporizers, with the most preeminent quality available that could enable you the pleasures of smoking with minimal damage to health. Thus, being our customer, you should not expect anything less than the best.  

Kloud9Vapes offers you an ultimate combination of variety, superiority and convenience. Kloud9Vapes sells a premium line of eShisha, eHookah & Electronic Vaporizers with a goal to offer an all-natural flavored, pure water vaporizer, with least nicotine content.

We believe in the mantra, that you cannot go wrong with the best. We offer a quality that is unmatched leading to the highest customer satisfaction with products that you can trust.

We do not aim at capturing a percentage of market, but we aim at becoming the trend setters that we are with the finest quality products, which most importantly are available at the best prices. Once you use the products by Kloud9Vapes, we are quite guarantee you will not require convincing any more.

Our constant efforts are in the direction of bringing you the finest products in the best available price range. We are completely open to any suggestions or recommendations for betterment of our available products or for new products that could interest you. Please send us our suggestions at http://www.kloud9vapes.com/contacts/ or you can also give us a call on - (866) 948-8384